Uniform pants with knee protection

KNEEPAD WORKPANTS with patented SQUISH™ Pad Technology built-in PERMANENTLY.
Full Time Knee Protection for workers to help combat work-related knee injuries. For a Safe, Soft Landing Every Time!

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8500UNI Uniform Pants- ON SALE NOW! $39.95 **WHILE SUPPLIES LAST**
Uniform work pants from THRIVE Workwear Co. are made durable and provide a business-casual professional image when your workers are on the front-line to your customers. Many industries will benefit from this new product. Automotive Service, Inventory Control & Warehousing, Pest Control, Copier Service, Maintenance, Home Services and Retail are just some of the many industries that will benefit from THRIVE. No more unsightly external strap kneepads. Protect your workforce with uniform work pants with SQUISH. ON SALE NOW! $39.95 **WHILE SUPPLIES LAST**


8500UNI Uniform Pants-  ON SALE NOW! $39.95 **WHILE SUPPLIES LAST**

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Price: $39.95


Product Applications
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Inventory Management Service
  • Appliance Service
  • Auto Service
  • Pest Control Service
  • Waste Management
  • Beverage Service
  • Copier Service
  • Landscaping
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When a front-line, professional appearance is required, THRIVE’s uniform pants are the answer. Our uniform pants are made with an 8.5 ounce 65/35 cotton-polyester blend durable fabric designed for maximum wear and are standard-equipped with our patent-pending SQUISH™ Comfort knee pads. The uniform pants are available in a relaxed fit that provides the ultimate comfort for workers. Also includes wide belt loops and front and back pockets.

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IMPORTANT: please make sure that you order your ACTUAL measured leg inseam size. Placement and max performance of SQUISH kneepads are determined with a scientific calculation that positions the kneepads in the precise position based on your inseam length. Do not under or over compensate on the pants inseam length dimension to insure maximum performance.